There is a reason why we are the longest standing consignment store in the Vail Valley: we are dedicated to both our customers and our consignors.  

Clothes at Ritzys are specially selected.  We only take the best.  We look for good quality and good brands.  

We love to shop sales.  Really, who doesn't?  After a month, clothes in our store are marked down 25% and after two months they are marked down by 50%.  We also offer big end of season sales. 

Our customers have lots of good things to say about us.  

Ritzys is my favorite store in Vail and even in this entire area. I have more success finding clothes here than anyplace else in the Valley. Gail and I have become very close friends over the years. I enjoy going into the store and seeing her every time I shop.
— Sandy Gaylord

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